When considering a kitchen renovation or cabinet and countertop upgrade, certain questions quickly come to mind:

  • “How am I going to live without my kitchen for days on end?”
  • “Construction projects always seem to take longer than the original estimates, how do I know for sure how long my project will take?”

There is no doubt that the most difficult room in a home to renovate is the kitchen; it is the hub of family activity. Premier Contracting Services takes a much different approach to this issue than most other companies. When we schedule a kitchen project we do not double book ourselves. Your project will be the only project we are doing at the time. I will personally be at your home everyday until the new kitchen is complete, a time frame on average from three to four weeks. This time frame includes a complete remodel from new flooring to new lighting and electrical work. This can only be achieved in one way, by having a contractor’s complete and undivided attention from start to finish.

The satisfaction I hear in my customer’s voice when their kitchen renovation is completed within a day or two of the original estimate continues to assure me that my company’s unique approach is the right way. My confidence in the schedule of my projects comes from the fact that I perform all of the work myself, with the exception of electrical and plumbing, cutting out the wait for all of the miscellaneous trades to show up and do their specific part of the job.

With over thirty years of experience in the construction business, doing everything form small bathroom renovations to building new custom homes, there are very few problems that we haven’t come across and solved. Premier Contracting Services prides itself on customer satisfaction and can proudly supply many references to assure you that everything I have discussed is true.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and budgets. I can provide kitchen designers that I have worked with in the past and a knowledge base of cabinet manufacturers and current options to help the process along. There is no financial obligation until a new kitchen is designed and all products are chosen- no cost will be incurred until a final contract is signed. At that time the entire cost to complete the project along with the expected time duration will be provided.